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Andy Will!

As your next City Councilmember, Andy Licht is 100% committed to protecting
our quality of life and ensuring a brighter future for American’s most famous city.

 Public safety has to be priority #1 

Beverly Hills has police and fire departments that are responsive and professional – even in these trying times with crime dramatically increasing throughout Los Angeles County.

Andy will work with command staff and rank and file public safety personnel to ensure that their expertise and on the ground experiences are integrated into programs that will protect our neighborhoods and business districts while at the SAME TIME, ensuring that all of our residents are treated fairly.


We must feel safe on our streets, not just from criminals, but from any hint of profiling or unfair treatment.  We should consider police substations that are consistent to the area and stations officers among the people they protect – in effect, neighborhood police stations.


Andy has proudly worked with our men and women in law enforcement in the past and he knows we can move forward with even stronger, better trained and more robust departments.


 “Smart Growth” that is actually smart! 


Beverly Hills needs more than buzzwords:  AS THE ONLY CANDIDATE FOR CITY COUNCIL with experience on the Planning Commission, Andy is uniquely qualified to address the expected flood of housing and other development proposals that are about to hit Beverly Hills.  


He will bring actual planning expertise to a City Council that will be dealing with many new and complex development issues. We need a strategic plan for quality, environmentally strong development that will allow us to remain pedestrian and bicycle friendly while maintaining our special “neighborhood feel."

We have an opportunity during these unprecedented times to create cohesive, long-term strategies, rather than relying on short-term fixes – and only Andy Licht can get it done.

 Economic Development 


Our famous city wasn’t as hard hit as others by the pandemic, but we still have work to do.  


We need to make sure our businesses have what they need to thrive – whether that is the latest technology, cutting red tape for new enterprises and finding ways to help more minority-owned businesses open in Beverly Hills.


As more people embrace outdoor dining, we have to help restaurants meet the demand by fast-tracking permits and looking at ways to increase available space.  


We need to increase security in our business corridor as well as our residential neighborhoods.  With the new Cheval Blanc Hotel, we can prepare for an increase in tourism and events.  We must be prepared for this growth and be ready to add this new jewel to our crown of beautiful parks, world class museums and arts venues coupled with our shopping and restaurants that make this a city unlike anything else in L.A.


 We know we can’t get rid of traffic, 
but we
CAN manage our traffic better. 


When Andy served as the Chair of the Traffic and Parking Commission, he worked hard to make it easier for vehicles to move throughout our City by working with City Staff to develop ways to improve traffic flow.  


He can and will do even MORE on the City Council.


Beverly Hills is a special place – made even more special by our diversity. All too often, renters are left out of the conversation in our City.   Likewise, we need to do more for our growing senior population.  It’s imperative that we have protections to ensure that Beverly Hills is a livable city for ALL.


 Andy supports Term Limits for City Councilmembers 


Public service is a calling and an honor, but being a member of City Council should NOT be a long-term career.   Three terms on the Council is enough. New ideas and fresh perspectives will keep our City moving forward!

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